ST-LAURENT-DE-BREVEDENT (76). Memorandum... - Lot 202 - Vermot et Associés

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ST-LAURENT-DE-BREVEDENT (76). Memorandum... - Lot 202 - Vermot et Associés
ST-LAURENT-DE-BREVEDENT (76). Memorandum of lawsuit: "To Our Lords of the Court of Accounts, Aydes and Finances, humbly begs Charles-Louis Marie D'HOUDETOT, Knight, Marquis of Houdetot, lord and patron of St Laurent de Brevedent, of Saint Pierre de Graimbouville & other places, appealing the sentence rendered by the Elected Officials of MONTIVILLIERS (76) on July 22, 1756. Against the Inhabitants of ST-LAURENT-DE-BREVEDENT (76), respondents in Appeal." From the Printing office of MACHUAL, street S. Lo, opposite the Palace, in Bien-aimé, (in ROUEN), 18 pages gd in-folio: "... There is no dwelling on the fief of Ectot, which corresponds to the state of the land, & to that of the Owner; the lord of HOUDETOT made build a Castle on the Farm which he was worth; this Castle and the moats which surround it, occupy a considerable ground, & to improve them, it is essential that it is at the expense of a part of the buildings of this Farm..."
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