REVOLUTION. 1791. CLUB DES CORDELIERS DE... - Lot 307 - Vermot et Associés

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REVOLUTION. 1791. CLUB DES CORDELIERS DE... - Lot 307 - Vermot et Associés
REVOLUTION. 1791. CLUB DES CORDELIERS DE PARIS or the Society of the Friends of the Rights of Man and the Citizen. Letter signed to the Free Citizens and Friends of the Constitution of POITIERS. October 18, 1791. 1p (35,5 x 24). "Brothers and Friends. We received with pleasure, your printed letter of the 4th of this month which is found after what you call the act or rather the monument which you raise to the glory of our Benefactors. We like to see you, as we do, pay to the true Fathers of the Fatherland, the homage that every good Citizen, every venerable friend of the People, owes them. But, allow us to tell you, public opinion has long since pronounced on the men whose names you recall. The Club des Cordeliers, which has been able to free itself from the reproduction of old errors, and to shake off all prejudices, is careful not to deify so suddenly. It maintains that it is by lavishing the name of Great, that one withers it. That of a ROBESPIERRE, of a PÉTION, of a GRÉGOIRE, must seize the admiration, even the veneration, of the soul of every good Frenchman, and kindle in his heart the sacred fire of the love of Man and of the Fatherland. But among the others whom you recall, several cannot be placed on the same line, and the rest do not deserve the honors of a citation. Let us be stingy with the apotheosis. To deserve it, one needs rare virtues well above the mediocre; let us count for something the sweetness and the Peace enjoyed by the soul of a Citizen who has done some good. This is his first reward. But he owed it to his brethren; and all cannot say to themselves, I have done as much good as I ought and could. We are with the most sincere brotherhood. E.J.B. MAILLARD President."
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