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Autograph letter signed MONTBEL (Guillaume Isidore Baron, then Count of) Toulouse 1787 - 1861. He was deputy of the Haute Garonne in 1827, several times minister 1829/30. He signed the Ordinances of July. He followed King Charles X in exile and served the Royal family until his death with a rare devotion - Letter from GORITZ (Germany) on March 6, 1842. to Mr THARIN Canon of BESANÇON in Milan (Lombardy). 2pp in-8°: "...Monsieur le Duc de BORDEAUX arrived in GORITZ on the 28th of February. It is thus eight days ago. He was accompanied by Messrs. de BRISSAC and MAUPAS, as well as Mr. RUSH Surgeon, pupil of Doctor WATTMANN. The Prince, because of the fatigue of the journey, the stiffness caused in his limbs by the long inaction, and especially by a prolonged tension, the Prince walked only supported on his two arms. However, Doctor BOUGON, after having carefully examined the condition of the fractured limb, agreed with the German surgeons that the two thighs were of equal length and perfectly symmetrical. He therefore asserts that there will be no lameness when time has perfectly consolidated the callus, and restored to the joints, nerves and muscles their suppleness and elasticity. My lord charges me to show you his gratitude for the interest you are taking in him. He counts on your prayers. The proposals, the requests, of some prominent men of the revolutionary party have often been renewed. They have no other cause than the spite of deceived and discontented ambitions, and they denote a complete impotence. If men like ODILLON BARROT felt some strength they would take advantage of it for anything else than for the triumph of our principles. However, every time they have made some approach they have been answered perfectly in the sense of your letter. Let us hope that God will look upon in His mercy this France which for so long was the support of all the great religious and social doctrines. But God alone can dissipate the passionate errors which obscure the understanding of the many..."
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