Pourquoi faire inventorier vos collections

Knowing the current value of your moveable assets.
Indeed the art market is a complex market, obeying like any other market to the law of supply and demand and therefore subject à̀ to strong variations, updating this value regularly is necessary. In addition, valuing your jewellery is also interesting because its value is often linked to the price of gold or diamonds. An update will be necessary more frequently if you have a lot of gold, ingots or jewellery (for example, the price of gold exploded between March and August 2020: + 35%/ 40%).
- Insuring your assets, foreseeing the worst doesn't make it happen. 
- Preparing your estate: we have noticed that some heirs, not knowing the value of their new estate, have been able to abandon all or part of collections with a significant heritage value.
Drawing up an inventory of inheritance or partition can avoid this type of situation. 

Organising a bequest: here the inventory must be carried out by our legal structure in order to be registered with the tax authorities, as Maître Vermot is also a ministerial officer.

Selling an entire collection in a single session increases its value, as the market requires coherent sets that are not known on the market. 

If you have any doubts about the value of one of your objects or your collections, you can ask us. 
Oral appraisals are free of charge, only written and official appraisals are subject to a fee. Most of the time we can have a good idea with a photograph and sending a simple email can be enough.