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Lot N° 231

231 - PHOTOGRAPHY. NIGER. DOSSO. AT THE COURT OF KING SAIDOU DJAMAKOYE IN 1924. Extremely rare set of 110 negative photographic plates (10 x 15 and 9 x 12 cm). These are photographs taken by a colonist around Saidou (also written Seydou) whose family reigns over the Djema in Niger, who enlisted in 1915 and fought in the First War in the Somme and on the Chemin des Dames. He distinguished himself at Verdun where he was wounded and earned his second lieutenant's stripes. Back in Niger, after the death of his father Moussa in 1924, the colonial authority designated him as the new king ("zamakoye") of Dosso - Assured of his loyalty to the French, he received there also the reward of his devotion. Quickly the colonial administration extended the extent of his kingdom and Saidou in 1926 was considered as one of the most powerful chiefs of Niger, ruling over Dosso, Sokorba, Loga, Mayaki Kwara, Kiota. The pictures show the life in Dosso: the fort of the French, the arrivals by boat, the ceremonies organized by the colonists for the installation of Saidou as zamakoye, Saidou himself on his horse with his hoist. One picture shows the settler with his wife. The majority of the photographs are scenes and types, with close-ups of women and young girls, scarification, hairstyles, jewelry, small trades and various merchants. Photographs of Niger from this period are rare (it is estimated that in 1910, there were only 250 Westerners in Niger and it was only in 1922 that Niger became a colony). With the advent of Saidou Djamakoye we are at the very beginning of colonization. All the plates have been printed on paper and the pictures have been mounted on a USB key
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