Jean COCTEAU (1889 - 1963)

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Jean COCTEAU (1889 - 1963)

Complete set of the Satiricon, 1961
Seven Red
Earthen Cups and coloured
enamels Edition of 15 copies
Diam 36 cm
The different subjects:
- The couple with the dogs
- The three boys
in a muddle - The fauna and the two girls
- The old man and the teenagers
- The three boys in a yellow
scarf - Interior
scene - Suzanne and the old men
Rare set of this complete

series The Satiricon is considered as one of the first novels of the world literature. It tells the adventures of three young men, Encolpe, Giton and Ascylte.
The identity of the author of the Satyricon remains the subject of controversy: in turn have been cited a relative of Nero, Pliny the Younger or more commonly today attributed to Petrone
. It is a literary innovation for antiquity, so much so that it could be considered the first European novel. The history of the text is complex: the current Satyricon is the result of several manuscripts whose paths are still obscure. The first editions of the Satyricon were published, under the author's name "Petronius Arbiter", in Milan in 1482, but the first complete edition of the novel was published in Amsterdam in 1669.
The double meaning makes the Satyricon both a novel of sexual and moral debauchery and the receptacle of embedded narratives that prefigures the modern novel. Despite several narrative inconsistencies, the Satyricon is written in a popular Latin that bears witness to Petronius' aesthetic and sociological research.
The plot is essentially based on the flight and wandering of the characters. The latter, and in particular the trio of protagonists, are portrayed as marginalized youths, objects of the violence of society and women. Also a novel about homosexuality, the details provided by Petrone have helped to better understand Roman mores. The Satyricon is thought to be a message to civilization: by describing decadence and life on the margins, its author
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