Why sell at auctions

The competition between buyers and the public nature of the sale guarantee that you will get the right price for your property.

The publicity of the results allows you to know the real price of your property.
Your properties are appraised and described by specialised experts: you know what you are selling.

The guarantee that we will offer you the best place and the best time to sell your property because our interests are linked.

The guarantee of a fast and safe settlement, our greatest publicity - Significant tax advantages (flat rate tax on the capital gain of works of art etc....).

Advertising the sale: as the sale is public, we use all our communication know-how to publicise our sales. Today, the means of communication allow us an international visibility through the use of French, German, English, American and Chinese editorial platforms and tools for our sales.

For any inventory request please contact the inventory department by clicking here; we travel all over the world.