ANCIENT TOYS, DINKY TOYS France & Great Britain

jeudi 16 juin 2022 11:00
La Salle , 20, rue Drouot 75009 Paris
Sale information

OLD TOYS, DINKY TOYS France & Great Britain

Exhibition Wednesday June 15 from 11am to 6pm

Sale on Thursday June 16 at 11am from lot 1 to 190 and at 1:30pm from lot 191 to the end

About the states

Model / Modèle:

A+ Superb new condition / Mint

A Neuf or very close to new / Near mint

A- Near mint (2/3 minor pinheads) / Excellent +

B Excellent condition (small pinheads) / Excellent -

C Very good condition (few chips) / Very good condition

D Good condition (several chips) / Good condition

E Etat d'usage (model having played) / Playworn condition

RT Presence of more or less visible retouches

F Poor condition / Mauvais état

R Restored (+ or -) / Restauré (+ ou -)

Boite / Box:

a Etat neuf / Mint

b Very good condition / Excellent

c Bon état (complete) / Very Good

d Etat moyen (incomplète) / Good

e Mauvais état / Poor

- Absence of box / Box missing

* Repro box / Boîte reproduite

o Without box at the origin / Was sold without box

However, we remind you that macro photography can reveal defects invisible to the naked eye.

The expertise being carried out parts in hands and not on photo.

Sales conditions