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Furniture and works of art

Like the sales of antique paintings, the sales of furniture and art objects are what we call classic sales. They cover the artisanal and artistic production from the 14th to the beginning of the 20th century.
For our next sales we are looking for classic French furniture by Oeben, B V R B, Criaerd, Garnier, Canabas, Cressent, Riesener, Carlin, Joseph Baumhauer, Beneman, Leleu, Jacob, chairs by great carpenters such as Jacob, Tillard, Avisse, Pluvinet, Heurtaut, Foliot, Séné, etc...

The furniture and objects of the XIXth century are experiencing a revival of interest with signatures such as Linke, Beurdeley, Diehl, Grohe, Lievre, L'escalier de cristal, Viardot,

For the Art Nouveau / Art Deco period, the most successful period on the market today, the signatures sought are Coard, Leleu, Bugatti, Dunand, Gallé, Guimard Herbst, Chiparus, Majorelle, Mallet-Stevens, André Mare, Ruhlmann, Louis Süe etc...

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