DINKY TOYS - Great Britain - Metal (1) UNCOMMON... - Lot 284 - Vermot et Associés

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DINKY TOYS - Great Britain - Metal (1) UNCOMMON... - Lot 284 - Vermot et Associés
DINKY TOYS - Great Britain - Metal (1) UNCOMMON VERSION # 101 L - THUNDERBIRDS 2 4 After the Rolls, these are the ships of the secret organization, piloted by the five brothers... Tracy: Scott, Virgil, John, Gordon and Alan, the real first names of the first Mercury astronauts! Meccano Liverpool proposed in 1967 this Thunderbird 2 which contains the small yellow plastic Thunderbird 4 in its (removable) belly. Rare first riveted version with a dominant green colour from 1967. Near mint condition, with its 4 ultra fragile and thin retractable pillars in yellow plastic, and all its stickers. Diorama (with instructions in English on the back), wedge and instructions (in French) are well present in the box. These pieces particularly intended for the game, like the previous one, are always very difficult to find complete with all their accessories, without breakage and in good condition. work. Model in A+ condition, Box /b, Display and wedge /c (a few traces of rust left by the metal rollers of the vessel). This toy, piously preserved in its packaging for more than fifty years, had was sent as a sample to the owner's distant cousin, in charge of purchases in the toys department of the Printemps du Printemps department stores in Paris. It is accompanied by the delivery slip with Meccano-Triang letterhead, dated September 22, 1967. A true relic in itself!
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