DINKY TOYS G.-B. - 1/43th (8) MEETING OF... - Lot 46 - Vermot et Associés

Lot 46
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DINKY TOYS G.-B. - 1/43th (8) MEETING OF... - Lot 46 - Vermot et Associés
DINKY TOYS G.-B. - 1/43th (8)
- # 25 c TYPE 4 FLAT TRUCK: wraparound fenders + front bumper. Filler & black. Rear hook intact. Rear axle slightly bent. D+/°
- # 25 g 1 flatbed trailer. Putty (matches truck above), black hub rims. Rear hook intact. With "T" decal.
- 25 d TYPE 4 TANK TRUCK: Wraparound fenders + front bumper. Green & black body version marked "PETROL" in black. Missing one headlight. 2 tires out of order.
Played condition. E/°
- # 25 f TYPE 3 MARAIN TRUCK: strong axles, hub wheels. Golden yellow, black frame & fenders. Rear hook intact. Non-original grille/headlight assembly. D/°
- # 25 g 1 TRAILER TRAY. Dark blue. Non-original tires. Damage to rear hook. Missing tie rod. E/°
- 33 th MECHANICAL HORSE WITH 3 WHEELS. Garbage truck. Pre-war version: thin axles, smooth rims, white tires (cracked). Red cab, blue rims, blue trailer, light blue steel tonneau cover (functional hinged hatch), black rims. 2 windscreen pillars missing. The upper part of the cab is damaged and glued back together, a big lack of material at the back. E/°
- # 33 c/33 W/415 3-WHEEL MECHANICAL HORSE. Trailer with low sides. Postwar version: strong axles, hub rims, black tires. Set in grey maroon, black rims. Partial restoration. C-/°
- # 421 HINDLE-SMART. British Railways semi-trailer. Garnet, red rims. Rear hook intact. Front decal damaged. 2 tires cut. Play condition. D-/°
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