CITADELLE DE LYON (vers 1580).

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CITADELLE DE LYON (vers 1580).
"Memoirs and Remonstrances of François de MANDELOT, Governor and Lieutenant General for the King in Lyonnais and Beaujolais." (under Charles IX and Henry III). Handwritten copy on paper, not signed nor dated (circa 1580). Memorandum necessary for the Service of His Majesty, concerning the payment of the soldiers of the Citadel of LYON, the repairs to be made to the Citadel of LYON, for the lodging of the soldiers, for the stores of powder and saltpetre, wheat, passports, and other things. "Especially since the country of Lyonnais and Beaujolais is on the passage of the Gens de guerre who come and go as much from the side of Piedmont as Dauphiné and Languedoc..."
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