Henri 1er de SAVOIE-NEMOURS (Paris 1572 - 1632)

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Henri 1er de SAVOIE-NEMOURS (Paris 1572 - 1632)
Is Duke of Geneva and Nemours from 1595 to 1632, 5th Duke of Aumale from 1618 to 1632, Peer of France. Autograph letter signed "Henry de SAVOIE", to a Highness, [ca. 1590]. 1p (32 x 22.5 cm). "My Lord, I send the Sieur de CHARMOISI to find Your Highness who will tell him on my behalf the occasions which prevent me from going myself to kiss the hands of Your Highness who I am sure will agree with his reasons and will know very well how the distance of my troops would be prejudicial to me. Your Highness will honor me if it pleases him to listen to him and to believe, as I do, what he tells him on my behalf, and entrusting myself entirely to him, I kiss Your Highness's hands very humbly and beg her to hold me..." - Henri I of SAVOIE-NEMOURS was the youngest son of Jacques de Savoie, Duke of Geneva and Nemours, and Anne d'Este, Countess of Gisors and Lady of Montargis. Known as the Marquis of Saint-Sorlin, he conquered the marquisate of Saluces. He then joined the League, which appointed him Governor of Dauphiné in 1591. He rallied to Henry IV in 1594 and inherited the Duchies of Geneva and Nemours on the death of his brother.
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