WAR OF THE CEVENNES (1685/1711). Ordinance... - Lot 114 - Vermot et Associés

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WAR OF THE CEVENNES (1685/1711). Ordinance... - Lot 114 - Vermot et Associés
WAR OF THE CEVENNES (1685/1711). Ordinance of King LOUIS XIV against the Protestant or Camisard Troubles in the CÉVENNES, made at Versailles on February 25, 1703. "From the King. His Majesty being informed that some People without Religion, and the majority charged with crimes, started to assemble in the province of Languedoc in the country of the Cevennes under the name of Phanatiques (Fanatics), carried weapons, exerted violence and burned churches... the number of these Scoundrels having been increased by several people from different provinces, & new Converts pushed by some Emissaries of foreign Powers enemies of the State, who all together were doing all sorts of cruelties,..., even stabbing children & pregnant women..." he sends a considerable Corps of troops. "His Majesty orders all his subjects to run after the fanatics and other rebels... that they be punished by death without any formality of trial; that their houses be razed, and that their goods remain confiscated for the benefit of His Majesty... according to the orders of the Sieur de MONTREVEL Marshal of France, Commander in Languedoc..." Placard (48 x 36 cm) Condition B+. Royal vignette and lettering.
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