PARIS. CHARENTE MARITIME. Family RONDEAU,... - Lot 237 - Vermot et Associés

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PARIS. CHARENTE MARITIME. Family RONDEAU,... - Lot 237 - Vermot et Associés
PARIS. CHARENTE MARITIME. Family RONDEAU, FORCADET de LA ROCHELLE; 144 LETTERS from 1773 to 1832. Interesting family and commercial correspondence addressed to RONDEAU Doctor in La ROCHELLE (17), G. RONDEAU Merchant, Rue Notre-Dame in La Rochelle (17) and to nephew or cousin FORCADET Commissionaire de Roulage in La Rochelle (17). The letters come mainly from Paris or La Rochelle, some defects of wetness. Text on Commerce, politics of the time, Revolutionary events, daily life: Rivalry between Surgery and Medicine in La Rochelle in 1777. "Paris 1790. I am angry with the people of La Rochelle, a city of commerce that rejects the Assignats. They are big children who are afraid of their shadows..." Paris 1790 "It will be necessary that your high and low Clergy obey the Law, it seems that one is very disposed to make them obey by hunger..." "Paris February 6, 1790. The King (Louis XVI) was Thursday at the National Assembly, he read there a superb memoir, well done, to give the greatest consistency to the Decrees of the Assembly, and to appease the troubles of the provinces, and well done also to operate the fall of the projects of the enemies of Liberty. It is undoubtedly a day which will illustrate the history of his reign. We look upon this step as a blow which must strike down the aristocracy..." "Paris, February 14th 1790. My Dear Doctor, Tomorrow great ceremony, the City has invited the King and his Royal family, as well as the National Assembly to attend a Te Deum which will be sung at Notre-Dame and where the National Guard will militarily make the Civic Oath, we are currently 50 thousand men in uniform and armed..." "Paris 1790. The Revolution may well have changed the way of thinking of many people in many respects, according as by its effect they find themselves well or ill treated..." "I beg you to accept the cocoa deal you have made on my account with the profit of course..." "Paris 25th June 1791. My Dear Friend, the King (Louis XVI) returns to our walls today with all his sacred family. He is escorted by about One Hundred Thousand Men of the National Guards, whom the Bourgeois are going to lodge according to all appearance until the Federation. Consequently I invite you to come to the feast, as well as to the translation of VOLTAIRE which will be from the 4th to the 5th of next month. If your business permits you to leave, I invite you to take the Diligence at once..." "Paris 1793, The People of Paris have gone so far astray that the Guard have encouraged looting instead of preventing it, and that the National Guard have been unwilling to take up arms..." "The Jacobins are in very great favor... they have put in force the pikes, at present they are the red bonnets. All the Ministers who have just been appointed are of this Society...; a Factory of False Assignments has just been discovered at Passy..." "You can sell licorice juice at the lowest price..." (excerpts)
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