CHAPSAL (Charles Pierre)

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CHAPSAL (Charles Pierre)
Grammarian (Paris 1788 - 1858) His Nouvelle grammaire put in use in all the Colleges reigned for a long time without rival. There were more than 60 editions, without counting the numerous counterfeits. 3 Letters A.S. to Mr SAINTIN, Printer Rue St Jacques N°38 in PARIS - 1836: "You must have received with 45 or 50 reams of paper a bill of exchange of 300 francs, three new words, 2 griffes and 2 heads. I think that you take care to continue the Printing of which there were 8000 drawn, and that you gave orders so that the Tables are recomposed. It is essential that the characters of these tables as well as their composition are absolutely similar to the composition and characters of the currently existing Tables. This conformity is necessary, that is to say, indispensable to distinguish the good Edition from the counterfeit Editions. You will receive on Monday or Tuesday the quantity of paper necessary to complete 100 Rames. I beg you not to slow down my Drawing for a moment, and not to lose sight of the fact that you must immediately afterwards make another Drawing of 25,000." - I sent you 1300 Grammars at 75, 130 Abridged at 50, 26 Dictionaries, 13 Exercises on Practices. When I sent you my shipment, I did not know that you were taking my works from Mr. Hachette, with whom I have business relations, and I must confess that this consideration would not have allowed me to send you. Since the thing is done, it only remains for me to take my side, and to ask you very insistently to keep the greatest secrecy about the shipment I am making to you, and notably about the prices...". + 2 L.A.S. to Mr TREUNTHAL, rue Saint Louis, N°4, in VERSAILLES. On Tuesday, his wife is ill, he cannot go to an invitation but makes a donation in favour of a sick Artist. Invitation to dinner on rue d'Enfer, 33.
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