QUICHERAT (Jules Étienne, Joseph)

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QUICHERAT (Jules Étienne, Joseph)
French archaeologist, Professor, specialist of the Middle Ages. One of the founders of the École des Chartes society (Paris 1814 - 1882) - Letter A.S. Paris, February 20, 1861 (Postmark with date) - to M. Taxile DELORD, rue Pigalle, in Paris - 2pp ¼ in-8°: "Monsieur. I have just read just now your account of the History of Saint Barbara, printed in LE SIÈCLE, of the day before yesterday... You have given value to this book of such limited interest by presenting it from one of those sides which can please the public. Allow me to tell you also that I fully associate myself with the wish you express at the end, to see the youth of our time showing something of that ardour for education with which those of the Middle Ages burned. Everyone ran after science when it was only a gaunt old woman, and now that it presents itself with all the attractions of youth and beauty, it is as if by grace that we give it a moment's attention. It is for the men who, like you, Sir, direct the minds of the masses, to preserve them from the fall which would infallibly follow the abandonment of Intellectual Culture..."
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