[ARMENIA] NAZARIANTZ (Hrand): The Return... - Lot 57 - Vermot et Associés

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[ARMENIA] NAZARIANTZ (Hrand): The Return... - Lot 57 - Vermot et Associés
[ARMENIA] NAZARIANTZ (Hrand): The Return of the Poets. Typescript corrected by the author's hand and accompanied by models, proof copies, engravings and original drawings by Pierre-Antoine Gallien. For the princeps edition in French, under the sign of the grail (Bari, Italy). Various documents, mostly in small in-4 format. Important file relating to the last collection of lyrical poems by the Armenian poet Hrand Nazariantz (1886-1962). It comes from the archives of Pierre-Antoine Gallien, "the painter with the black line" (1896-1963). A friend of Kupka, Gallien was also a great engraver who had his moment of glory in the 1920s. The Return of the Poets, composed in July 1952 in Nor Arax (a village of exiles founded in 1924 near Bari), finds grandiose and painful accents to evoke the tragedy of the Armenians. The following year, the author was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature. In addition to the typescript of the poem, which includes autograph corrections by Nazariantz, there is a handwritten dedication to his "dearest sister Raymonde Bouquet", Gallien's companion, as well as a photographic portrait of the poet with a letter to the couple. It is accompanied by a set that Gallien used to work on the illustrated edition. This set includes: 2 copies typed by the painter during the summer of 1952, 3 study-copies and a final version copied by him. 2 mock-ups in the form of brochures with sketches indicating the place of the ornaments and engravings. A suite of woodcuts for the illustration of the booklet, in various states (about twenty proofs). A suite of 17 proofs of the portrait of Nazariantz engraved by Gallien. One of these proofs on strong paper in postcard format is enriched with a typed text signed by hand by the poet. On 21 September 1952, Hrand Nazariantz thanks Pierre-Antoine Gallien for sending this "magnificent woodcut". Finally, a sub-sleeve, containing numerous tracings, sketches, typographies, original drawings in ink sometimes enhanced with white gouache, completes this rich and artistic set.
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