• Torse d’homme nu
    à la musculature athlétique ...
  • Torse à tête colossale de divinité barbue
    probablement Jupiter
  • Corps acéphale féminin
    à l'instar des canons grecs orné d'une tunique
  • Plaque boucle wisigoth
    ou gépide en argent
  • Scarabée de cœur inscrit.
    Pierre verte mouchetée probablement métadiorite.
  • Sold 1 550 €


Archeology is one of the most recurrent themes of our study.

Indeed, we organise, with the assistance of the expert's office: Cabinet Civilisations, three indoor sales and five "online only" sales per year.

Covering the periods from Prehistory to the very high ages and civilisations from the Middle East to Prehispanic America, including the classics of Greece and Rome, our organisation into two types of sales (indoor and online) enables us to deal with all types of items and therefore to satisfy all types of collectors.

We are at your disposal to appraise your collections and or your exceptional pieces as well as the most common ones and will be able to insert them quickly in one of our archaeology auctions by clicking here.

To make an appointment for an on-site inventory please write to us at info@vermotetassocies.com.


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