• Sold 57 000 €
    Sold 57 000 €
    UNGERER Tomi
    The Three Robbers
  • Sold 300 000 €
    Sold 300 000 €
    UDERZO Albert
    Planche 2 de l'album Asterix et les Normands édité par Dargaud en 1966

Comics and original boards

This is the historical speciality of our auction house. Organising three catalogued sales and three online sales, we are proud to have sold more than 15,000 lots in this speciality, from 50 to 300,000 €.

This department is managed by Florian Bourguet, an expert since the creation of the Auction House in 2013.
As far as albums are concerned, this market is very complex and gives pride of place to original editions of Franco-Belgian comic books, with extreme importance being attached to their state of preservation. It is the latter that is the most important aspect of an album.

Concerning the originals, it is the published pieces that are the most sought-after, or the dedications on sheets or in albums.

For our next sales we are looking for original pieces such as Hergé (Tintin or other heroes), Uderzo (Asterix or other heroes), Franquin, Vance, Herman, Gibrat, Tardi, Druillet, Bilal, Benjamin Rabier, Giraud etc...

To submit a collector's album, an original board or an object derived from the world of French-Belgian comics for expertise and or estimation please click here.

We come to your home to inventory your collections on a voluntary basis (insurance, change, move, with a view to a sale...) as well as for legal purposes (inheritance and guardianship); To make an appointment on site, please write to us at info@vermotetassocies.com