Books and manuscripts

For this speciality we rely on the book and market knowledge of Jean-François Bétis.

We have dispersed several specialised libraries, notably on the theme of Fine Arts, eroticism, Gastronomy, oenology and can include your works in specialised Book and Manuscript sales with different themes.

For our next sales we are looking for books from the 14th century to the present day, illuminated or printed manuscripts. The most sought-after works are those that predate the invention and explosion of printing and are beautifully illuminated, such as books of hours, rare old editions for which the search criteria can be different (subject, illustrations, binding, dispatch or dedications), encyclopaedias in complete original editions in colour of the period, 19th century illustrated works (Robida in particular) or 20th century surrealist works containing illustrations, art bindings, books illustrated by modern and contemporary artists, etc.

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We come to your home to inventory your collections on a voluntary basis (insurance, change, move, with a view to a sale...) as well as for legal purposes (inheritance and guardianship); to make an appointment on site please write to us at