• orche officielle des XVe
    Jeux d'Hiver avec son étui officiel.
    Paul PONS/1903


It is an atypical speciality in auctions but it is in line with our taste for popular cultures and so-called "Pop Culture" sales.

In this type of biennial sale we present at auction trophies, medals, books, objects, goodies, jerseys, photographs, posters and other goods that may be related to sport. Here again, a homogenous set on a theme is sought after by collectors and will be valued at its best.

For our next sales, we are looking for Olympic torches, which are the "Grail" of this type of sale, as well as Olympic medals and diplomas, and anything to do with Olympism in the broadest sense, Boxing, Football, Cycling, Rugby, motor sports etc...

To submit a work, an object, a medal, a jersey for expertise and/or estimation please click here

We come to your home to inventory your collections on a voluntary basis (insurance, change, move, with a view to a sale...) as well as for legal purposes (inheritance and guardianship); to make an appointment on site please write to us at info@vermotetassocies.com.

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